January 15, 2010

Your Special Gift

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. I Peter 4:10
I love decorating blogs. Truly, I do. I could sit for hours gazing at all the lovely creations and beautiful rooms. I sincerely appreciate the “eye” and the skill God has bestowed on some people, and also the fact that they so willingly share their gift with others.

But I have to be careful. If I happen to visit a decorating blog on a hormonal day or when I’m tired or when I’m already headed for a pity party, things can go downhill quickly. One look around my house and a big red stamp imprints on my mind, “Inadequate!”

Decorating is not my thing. Oh, I want it to be, but it’s always been a challenge and I simply don’t possess the natural knack. If I allow it, that fact can get me down, make me feel like I’m missing an essential feminine trait, or feel like I’m a failure. 

That’s when I have to remind myself that God gifted me differently. I’m a writer, not a decorator.

This reminds me of an  experience a writer friend had years ago. She went to a concert and listened to outstanding singers. Later she complained to God, “Why can’t I sing? Those people sing so beautifully and I can’t even carry a tune.” God reminded her that He could have given her a lovely singing voice too, but then she wouldn’t be a writer. When she thought about writing and how much she loved it she realized that she would never, ever want to forfeit her precious gift to be a better singer.

We are all unique. We are all gifted differently. Comparing two vastly different gifts isn’t wise, but neither is comparing two writing gifts. Even among writers we have all been given a different instrument to play and an original tune. Each of us is most beautiful when we are using our gift, however humble or simple, to serve others.



Marya said...

I do that to myself all the time. I'm not a decorator but I do have a writing gift that I need to be more faithful with.

Tammy said...

Confession time, from time to time compare myself to others. As a matter of fact, I felt the "feeling" come on me this morning.

Your post was well received!

Kristen Myers said...

Your words are so timely!

Just yesterday I sat at the home of our women's Bible study hostess and thought "Wow, my house is so plain compared to hers."

Thank you for the reminder that comparisons are nothing but a trap!
(Unless of course, you write great similes! :-) Oops, I guess that is a metaphor, isn't it?)

Have a great weekend!

Sunshine said...

Two words: THANK YOU! I needed this today. Working towards freedom from the comparison trap is a stuggle for me. This was a great reminder.

Nichole said...

LOL I just noticed a trend with your post and your comments. Are all writers not very good decorators? I certainly am not. However, we do still have the opportunity to develop our talents in other areas. Just because you are talented at writing, it shouldn't discourage you from trying to broaden your horizons by learning how to paint for example. And while you may not become a mater painter, you can still have some degree of talent for it. I guess what I'm saying is to not limit yourself. If you would like to do something, try it out. You may just discover that perhaps God has blessed you with that talent as well and you didn't know it. Great post. Thank you for getting me thinking so early in the morning.

Mari said...

Thanks for the encouragement to look to our uniqueness! Sometimes I wonder why I bother at all and if I have anything worth saying to anyone. God will use what He has given me for someone's benefit if I but say Yes to Him. I needed to be reminded again of this. Thank you.

Julie said...

Excellent post Bonita. Decorating is a skill or calling for some people. They have "an eye" for that kind of stuff. Having fun with your own house and just doing what feels good to you is what is the BEST. (that's what I do) If your home is comfortable and functionable for your family and you are happy with it - OOO-Rah. If you are a person who can write in such a way that your words give us "an eye" for whatever subject you are addressing, then you have just blessed the rest of us with your skill, and that is outstanding. We should never compare. It stands us all in dangerous territory where God never intended us to be.
So thankful you are not into decorating your home, but into inspiring us with your writing.
Keep it up!!!!

Miss Sandy said...

Beautiful post, very well said. I love the Scripture you used at the beginning. It is so hard sometimes not to compare not only ourselves but our gifts or to feel like we are lacking. This post is a great reminder that we are each fearfully, wonderfully, and uniquely made.

Deb said...

Decorating blogs! Oh, yeah.

I love to decorate. And write.

Sometimes, I compare myself to others in both of these areas.

Not a good thing to do, is it?

Sweet dreams.

Mia said...

Very true, Bonita! I agree with Nichole, in that just because we aren't as good in some areas as others, it doesn't mean we can't improve. But it is important to remember that we each have our own strengths and gifts...

The Scooper said...

Oh how I know this well {the insecurity and envy part.} Just when I think I'm at a place of peace, discontent creeps in and misery ensues. This is a well-put reminder. As my mom tells me, "You be you."

Rachel B said...

Thank you for the encouragement today! I needed it...and from reading the comments here so did many others.

I often wonder why I continue to write. Then, God brings someone into my life with an encouraging word to press me on. I have to remember that I write to please and bless Him first and foremost; then if others are blessed that is a bonus blessing for me. :)

I was blessed through your writing today!! Thank you.

Holly said...

I too, thank you for your insight and reminder that we all have our creative gifts, and they may not all be the same. Have a wonderful day!

My ADHD Me said...

I had to laugh as I read the first few sentences of this post. That is exactly the way I feel when I visit your blog. I really enjoy reading your posts and before I know it, I have spent most of my allocated blog time here at your blog..... I'm really leaving now to visit, at least, a few other blogs before I need to turn off my computer.

have a terrific day!!