Welcome to Encouraging Words for Writers!

My mission for this blog is quite simple: I want to create the blog that I would delight to discover if I was surfing the net looking for "writerly" things.

Encouraging Words for Writers actually began as a weekly email that I sent to a handful of writers in 2007. Those writers shared it with other writers who shared it with other writers and the subscription list steadily grew. As the weekly email entered its third year of publication I was looking for a way to provide even more encouragement to a wider audience. Thus, this blog was born. 

Over the years, Encouraging Words for Writers has changed in many ways. Much has been deleted, modified, updated, and I hope that somewhere along the way I became a better writer and a better blogger. But it's always a work in progress.

Pull up a comfy chair and a hot cup of tea (or brew) and drink in nourishment for your writer's soul.