August 22, 2011



Start typing.

The words will come.

Trust yourself.

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Morgan said...

Amazingly true ... thanks for the proverbial "kick in the pants"! :)

Jes said...

Simple, yet much needed wisdom. I finally posted a short story I had written on paper online this evening. My motivation to write is flourishing. :-)

Funky Junk Interiors said...

I know! I know... now to just do it. How did you know? :)


Deb said...

Thanks, Bonita. So needed this today!

all4boys said...

I prayed before I wrote my last post on my blog. God is so faithful...and through Him, my post encouraged a sweet friend.

Thanks for always being so encouraging to us!

Love in Christ!


amanda said...

I heard Mary Demuth suggest at a conference to write for 10 minutes, don't stop to edit or critique just let the words come. And it seemed so simple, but it's amazing how much you can write when you don't have the "edit" switch turned on. But it all comes back to writing, right? (and how is it that this comment is longer than your post? :)

LadyG said...

LOL-ing! Perfect !!!

Anonymous said...

Eight words. Three sentences. So simple. This should be a world-famous poem. And, in terms of the post above this one, I need - really need, quite badly need - to spend some quality time with God every day. I sometimes use my drives to and from school, and to and from work as quiet time with God, but I almost feel like those don't count. I mean, I know they count, but it just doesn't seem like enough. I feel like should set even more time aside for true quietness with no distractions - without having to worry about driving and talking.

I've been very complacent for a long time, and I know that I need to snap out of it because it feels like I'm in a drugged state, which is not to say I actually do drugs, 'cause I don't, lol. That's just what it feels like, and because of that I feel disconnected from everything - myself, my faith, and my writing especially.

I think you have an accurate theory, there - that we tend to feel more accomplished in our writing when we think of it in terms of quality over quantity based on how our relationship with God is going at the time. That could be why I always feel so distant as a writer, because I'm not giving the time of day to the One who gave me the gift (which is really an exaggeration, because I do give him time during my days just probably not as much as I should).