January 9, 2012

Topics That Never Go Out of Style

If you’re suffering from writer’s block, let me suggest a few topics that are both broad and forever popular.

Health- Obviously, January is the big month when everyone goes on a diet and starts exercising, but people want information about health in all seasons. Whether you write about getting healthy, staying healthy, or what to do when you discover you aren’t healthy, this topic is always fashionable.

Finances- Money is big, big, big! People want to know how to save, how to earn, and how to invest. They also want current news about the national economy and what to expect in the future.

Women’s issues- Most readers are women. And they like to read topics that apply to their lives. Women’s health, marriage, parenting, friendship, balancing career and family. This is a huge topic!

Decorating- Blogs, magazines, TV shows—everybody seems to want to know how to beautify their homes and lives. Interior decorating is widely popular on blogs especially.

Fashion and Beauty- The trends are always changing, but the topic is always in style. People want to know how to look their best. They also want to stay current and know what to expect in the future. Even the outrageous is acceptable in this genre.

How-to –People want to be taught. They like to learn new skills and have step-by-step instructions to follow for anything and everything.

News- Whether it’s current events or juicy celebrity gossip, people want to know what’s happening in the world around them.

Technology- It’s here to stay and if you happen to be someone who can explain things well, or who keeps abreast of all the latest advances, this is your topic.

Inspiration and Motivation- Encourage, motivate, cheerlead, inspire to dream and achieve. Anyone who can make others feel better and move forward will always have a place in society.

Stories- Stories will not be going out of style any time soon. Spin a tale and tell it well and you will always have an audience.

Those should keep you busy for a while. Can you think of other topics that never go out of style?



Miss Sandy said...

Yeah! It is good to know that I fit into a couple of those classic categories. Something else that will never go out of style...your blessed words of encouragement!

Have a joy filled day Bonita!

Anonymous said...

Oh I loved this post! I barely made it to the bottom before I got all lost in my thoughts of writing on any of those topics. Thank you for writing as you do in spite of the fact that I don't always leave you a comment. I look forward to everything you say.

Far Above Rubies said...

Great tips. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Useful information. Thanks for sharing and encouraging. Blessings!