May 14, 2012

A Tip for Writing Tight

I read this quote today, “Pretend you are being charged money for each word you write.”

Excellent advice!

Usually it’s the other way around, we are being paid for each word we write. But if we had to pay money for every word we write all of us would become better writers who convey much meaning in few words.

I once saw a writing curriculum that used a quote from Benjamin Franklin as an example of excellent writing. I appreciate Mr. Franklin as much as anybody, but that was the most ridiculous example of “great” writing I’ve ever read. The paragraph was nothing but a giant run-on sentence and by the time I got to the end of it I couldn’t remember the beginning or the point.

That doesn’t fly these days. I’m not sure it would fly in his day.

The whole point of writing is communication and if the writing is too frilly or fluffy or long, communication doesn’t happen. The point is missed.

The best writers write tight.

For more tips on writing tight, read the source article for my opening quote, 15 Ways to Write Tight. Read the comments for even more writing tips.  



Linda said...

Thank you for this Bonita. I'll head over there.
I've missed meeting you here!

Leslie said...

Hey friend,

I'm so sorry I missed seeing you at NCHE this year!!! I hope you enjoyed your time there. Thanks for your prayers for our family. I do appreciate them.

Love you!