September 29, 2012

Day #1 Quotes for Writers

“The worst thing you write is better than the best thing you didn’t write.”  Unknown

The point is to write. Your writing can be neither good nor bad until it’s actually created.
Sometimes fear of writing badly can keep writers from ever writing anything, but even terrible writing is worse than not writing at all, especially if the reason you don’t write is fear.
Some writing is better than no writing.
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Image of writing hand by Brittney Marshall on flickr


Jen said...

Lovely idea for a series, can't wait to read the rest!

Bonita said...

Thanks, Jen!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. I'm always looking for great quotes - so having a collection in one place will be great! Looking forward to the next one.

Becca said...

LOVE this quote - and your series :-)