October 12, 2012

Day #12 Quotes for Writers


“Write as often as possible, not with the idea at once of getting into print, but as if you were learning an instrument.” J.B. Priestley

It always amazes me how many people suddenly get a thought to write a book and assume it will be easy to get it published.
While everyone understands that it takes years to learn a trade, a craft, or a skill, a disconnect occurs when it comes to writing. Why would anyone on the planet assume that writing comes easily or without practice?
Writing is a fine art.
Let me repeat that. Writing is an art form, one that must be learned and mastered.
It takes practices. Again and again and again and again.
But those who will faithfully practice will one day be rewarded by the sound of their own written words strung together in harmony.
Writing improves with practice.
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Violin image courtesy of JeremyOK on flickr

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