October 25, 2012

Day #25 Quotes for Writers


“Authors with a mortgage never get writer’s block.” Mavis Cheek

Something about having bills due, needing food on the table, and a roof over our head, chases writer’s block away.
I’m sure that if every writer required an income from writing and had no other source of money, writer’s block would be but a myth.
We do what we have to do when we have to do it.
If writing is our paycheck, we learn to overcome all obstacles, including writer’s block.
If it’s a hobby or isn’t paying the bills, we are free to throw writer’s block around as an excuse for not doing what needs to be done.
Something to think about the next time you’re tempted to claim you can’t write.
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Money image courtesy of 401(K) 2012 on flickr

1 comment:

Jimmie said...

Oh, this is fantastic! I so love this quote. Too true! When it's a matter of your pay, you find a way. (It is similar to that plumber quote.)

One of my problems is that I say I have to have the right environment to write -- a quiet house, preferably alone; several hours without distraction; and sunshine. Yes, sunshine. Gloomy days zap my writing power. Isn't that ridiculous? It's okay to have preferences, but when I set up all these requirements, all I'm doing is making my "writable" days harder to come by. So I try to force myself to write even with the TV on, my husband on the phone, with just 30 minutes to spare. It's hard, but possible.

This has been an outstanding series, Bonita. I have loved the quotes even if I have not commented a lot. (And on another note, I think this is a great blog series idea -- using pithy quotes and talking about them. I may copy this structure.)