September 29, 2012

Day #7 Quotes for Writers

“I write in order to attain that feeling of tension relieved and function achieved which a cow enjoys on giving milk.” Henry Louis Mencken

When I don’t get to write for a few days, I get mean. While I never thought of it as the same feeling as a cow who needs to be milked, it really is like that. Words well up in me, words that are meant to be expelled for the sake of others. If I don’t get them out, I feel swollen and out of kilter.
I’m designed to be milked of my words. It’s unhealthy for me and everyone around me when that doesn’t happen.
But when sweet release finally comes it’s such a satisfying feeling. Contentment washes over me and I can enjoy life again. I’m even nice.
This is the flow of life for writers: Intake then output. Intake then output. Intake then output.
Keeping that flow going makes us merry mooers.
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Linda said...

I've been enjoying these posts Bonita. I am actually (dare I say it) writing a book. I am a complete novice and have no idea what I'm doing. But I am enjoying the process, and your posts are so encouraging.

Henna Maria said...

I am enjoying these little daily nuggets very much! I have a question: how would you describe "intake" in your writing life? Is it a good book, a good article (reading) or do you go out and do something totally different from writing? Do you engage in discussions and debates or do you go sailing? Thanks for any input :)

Karen Andreola said...

I like writing better than talking - although a little person to person chat is nice. If it's been days (or even a week) of no reading or writing I get peevish, I feel less sane and a little lost. Reading helps me write for certain and the common circumstances of life also gives me something to write (by paper letter) to a long distance friend. I can't imagine life without reading real books and writing real letters.
Thank you for your quotations and encouragement.