September 29, 2012

Day #2 Quotes for Writers


“There is no perfect time to write. There is only now.”  Barbara Kingsolver

Don’t we dream of the day when we’ll have hours and hours to do nothing but write? But life keeps getting in the way!
If we keep putting off writing until the stars align perfectly and every detail of life is in order, we’ll never write at all.
A writer’s clock really only has one time on it- NOW!
Procrastination and the desire for perfection are enemies of a writer.
Waiting will keep us from ever writing because in case you hadn’t noticed the hour glass of our lives eventually does run out of sand.
If you are having trouble implementing writing now, you might enjoy this article, Make Time to Write.
By the way, I’m not preaching what I don’t live. As I type these words, my house is torn apart from a water leak and has been this way for nearly a month. I didn’t have a useable kitchen for two weeks. I still don’t have flooring. And I have a long list of household remodeling projects to do while I’m waiting for my floors. But I’m still managing to write.
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Morgan said...

Thank you for these encouraging words ... little nudges to keep at it! Here's what I'm being intentional about: